Firearm Rentals – Why Rent Firearms?

We all know that feeling of excitement that comes when entering a store to pick out new shoes, clothes and even when our eyes land on those new shiny guns at the store. However, it is not always easy picking a new gun that could work with us. There are many factors that go into choosing a gun to guarantee that it fits us perfectly. Being overwhelmed by a bunch of different options in front of you can make your decision difficult especially when there’s a wide selection of guns to choose from. And when it comes to investing a good chunk of money in something that we might not like in the long run, it can really prevent us from buying anything at all. This is why at Smokin’ Gun Worx (SGW), we offer rentals from handguns, revolvers, rifles and Gatling guns at our range so we can test out these new guns and see which one the best fit for us is. 

Why Rent?

Renting a gun can really help us experience and understand new guns so we can figure out if we would be happy using it in the future or if it might not be a suitable pick. By renting a gun, we can test out the recoil while we shoot at the targets and see whether it feels as good as it looks. Renting a gun can also offer us some quality time with the gun before deciding on whether we should jump the gun and make a purchase or if we should hold back. It also gives us the opportunity to really think about our purchase and if it ends up being rejected because it didn’t fit our needs then it doesn’t hurt as much since it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. 


Although there are online reviews of most things these days that we can read or watch, it’s always better to have a hands-on experience especially when there are hundreds of guns to choose from. When we make any kind of purchase, we always test it out to ensure that we are confident in its functionality and whether it fits our style and the same goes for guns. We want to feel confident in our purchase so instead of spending hundreds of dollars that could lead to buyer’s remorse, head to our range and make a small investment by renting a handgun or rifle. Here at Smokin Gun Worx you can rent one of our 73 rental firearms to use at our indoor range. We have pistols, revolvers and rifles in many calibers.  Keep in mind we are always adding more. Rentals are currently $15 for 1 handgun, $30 for 2 handguns, $35 for 3 or more handguns and $50 for Gatling gun on top of purchase of ammunition. 

Why Choose SGW?

At our range, we offer two indoor ranges that are equipped for all types of guns such as shotguns, handguns, and rifles with different types of slugs. Both our upper and lower ranges can be used for standard shooting, however, the lower range offers 29 different programs that challenge our shooting abilities for beginners and experienced shooters. These programs allow gun curious enthusiasts to slowly learn and adapt to what is expected when we own and use a gun. 


If you are a newbie, get acquainted with firearms is with our "Gun Curious" program. You get everything you will need on the range of $30. We give you instructions and a Certified Range Safety Officer that will help you 1 on 1, including range time, 3 firearms, 15 rounds, a Smith and Wesson target, along with eye & ear protection. This is not a beginner class but time on the range to see if you would like to acquire more knowledge.


Our beginning rifle class can teach us how to safely handle pump-action, semi-auto, bolt action, lever-action rifles that follow the NRA guidelines. We also provide the youth firearm safety classes which go into firearm safety and basic gun handling along with an introduction to reloading for different types of guns. We offer classes on shooting accuracy that goes into how to change a magazine quickly, clearing any jams, and learning about different types of misfires. Our Get on Target course goes over the five elements of shooting which helps with the shooter’s accuracy in shot placement. 


An experienced gun enthusiast can "try before you buy" - another great reason to rent. If we have it in our rental case (and we have many) this is a great way to see how the firearm feels in your hand. 


Our self-defense classes are offered for anyone who is interested in learning how to use a handgun to protect themselves either in their home or in public. We also provide a Self-Defense for Women class, Protection in the Home with a Handgun, Conceal Carry, a simulator training and more. 


Not only have we created programs to guarantee that all of our customer’s needs are met while keeping in mind of all the different shooting hobbies they have, but we offer classes with extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructors who encourage their students to become better shooters and gun owners too. The preparation we have put in our work and the well thought out programs we provide along with a knowledgeable staff has also helped us tremendously. In addition to the perks that we offer at SGW, we provide Gunsmithing Services for gun owners to ensure that all firearms are taken care of and do not degrade due to lack of care. As a result, our efforts have helped us achieve the honor of being awarded a Five-Star rating by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). 


Gold or Platinum members can enjoy one free gun rental a month. That's a savings of $180 a year!


In order to rent a rifle, you have to be at least 18 years of age. For a pistol, you must be 21 years of age. Illinois renters must have a FOID card but those who live out of state only need a driver’s license. When you rent a firearm, it is store & firearm manufacture policy that you must buy the Smokin Gun Worx reloads or factory ammo and cannot use your own no matter what it is.


With everything that we offer at our range, it is a no brainer to head to our location to get all your gun needs answered. We are a great place for a family to venture out to, a night away from kids and a fantastic place to catch up with old pals, loved ones or even coworkers. 

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