How to Get Your Conceal Carry License in Illinois

"Conceal carry" refers to the act carrying a firearm in public in such a way that the weapon isn't visible to passersby. The opposite of conceal carry is open carry. If you're driving with a gun in your glove box, then you are "carrying" a concealed weapon, and you need a license.

  1. Determine Your Eligibility Illinois has tight restrictions on who can legally conceal carry. In addition to being at least 21 years of age, you cannot have any criminal charges related to violent crimes on your record within the previous five years to qualify for a permit. Having two or more DUI charges or being sent to court-ordered drug treatment within the past five years are also disqualifying factors.

  2. Take a Gun Safety Course Before you can apply for a permit, you must complete a 16 hour training course under the guidance of an instructor approved by the Illinois State Police. Classes cover gun safety, marksmanship and how to appropriately interact with police officers while carrying a concealed weapon.

  3. Apply for Your Conceal Carry License Visit the Department of State Police website, and set up a user ID and password. Log in to begin the application process. In addition to a $150 application fee, you will need to submit numerous documents including photographs and fingerprints. Conceal carry licenses must be renewed every five years. Iowa also requires all gun owners to have a ‘Firearms Owner Identification’ card, or FOID card, which can be obtained from the Illinois State Police website. After you submit your application with the appropriate fees, you should receive your FOID card within 30 days.

In addition to our gunsmithing and consignment services, Smokin' Gun Worx helps law-abiding citizens in Illinois navigate the process of obtaining conceal carry permits. We offer classes that will teach you how to handle a variety of firearms safely, responsibly and legally in the state of Illinois. We are also authorized to issue state hunting and fishing licenses. To learn more about gun ownership laws in Illinois, contact Smokin' Gun Worx and sign up for one of our conceal carry classes.

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